Women’s Treatment

Substance abuse among women is on the rise. In a study done by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, it was found that more than 4.4 million women suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction while more than two million women abuse drugs. Even more alarming is the fact that women may start using drugs when they are in between 8 and 22 years old when they are still in their formative years. This is according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Studies have also suggested that women develop dependence on drugs faster than men and are apt to suffer the ill effects of such a dependency more rapidly than males. Abuse also leads them to engage in aggressive sexual behavior than can cause further problems, including the risk of getting HIV/AIDS. Moreover, research has also shown that women have been imprisoned because of drug and alcohol addiction. They can land in jail because they did something while under the influence or they committed something illegal such as theft or robbery to be able to buy the drugs.

Because of all these, it’s important to treat women who are addicted to drugs through a women only drug rehab program. There are issues that only women who abuse drugs and alcohol face and as a result, a program that caters specifically to them would provide greater chances of success.

Drug addiction in women often comes with mental and emotional trauma. Sometimes, they have to deal with physical, emotional or sexual abuse or domestic violence. Some engage in drugs because they have been raped or were victims of kidnapping. They may also resort to drugs to fight anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. There are others who engage in drugs because they are pressured by their peers to do so. Meanwhile, there are also those who use drugs because they have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, most of the time because drug use fueled risky sexual behavior.

A good women-only drug facility will endeavor to make women feel safe and secure. They also want centers where the professionals who will assist them will not judge them but offer sincere and genuine help. The good treatment programs provide one-on-one therapy to help women address their issues that led them to resort to drugs in the first place. It also features a physical component that seeks to control their cravings and combines this with a drug-free approach to treatment.

In addition, it also teaches women life skills that they can use in the future, including raising children and forming healthy relationships with other people. A vital component in women only facilities is aftercare to help women reintegrate successfully into society without the use of drugs after they have finished with their treatment.