Why Us?

Why Should I Use Recovery Advisors?

Finding the right drug or alcohol rehab can be difficult. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or for a loved one it can be confusing – even frustrating.

Typically, people call several different rehab centers… and then listen to their sales team pitch you on why they are the best treatment center yada, yada, yada…

At the end of the day you can’t remember who said what… and which one was going to do this or that – but you know after talking to 10 different people that you don’t want to do that again!

Well There’s Good News…

We’ve already done extensive research and have found several of the best centers, all over the nation, that we are intimately familiar with. We work with these centers every day and are able to give you the exact treatment you need …and even negotiate on your behalf to get the treatment for very little …sometimes even NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS AT ALL!

Here are some advantages to working with Recovery Advisors:

  • Rehab Assistance (Free of Charge): First off… Our service doesn’t cost you a single dime. Even better, when you work with Recovery Advisors you are under no obligation to go to the rehab center that we place you in. If you do move forward with the treatment center that we recommend, there is still not cost to you at any time. Our service is 100% free for you… Completely Risk Free!
  • Personalized Treatment Placement: We are able to find you a treatment center based on your personal situation. Rehab sales teams, at centers with in house sales teams, are hired to close calls, and they’re good at it. But they are biased – they only get paid if you go to their center…  Unfortunately, recovery is not a one size fits all situation. We’re able to place you based on your own personal needs like insurance, budget, schedule, and other factors.
  • Insurance Assistance/Verification: Another challenge while seeking treatment is figuring out the insurance. Not all insurance plans are accepted by Rehab facilities and it can be difficult to understand coverage levels on many of these plans – especially today in the changing insurance landscape. We will make this process much easier for you by verifying your insurance information for you and working directly with your insurance provider on your behalf. This way we can tell you exactly what your options are and remove the threat of “surprise” out of pocket costs down the road.
  • Specialized Placement – Dual Diagnosis: Often addiction is accompanied by mental disorders that need to be treated as well. Depression and addiction requires a dual diagnosis treatment center. Treating the root cause of addiction lessens the risk of relapse and increases the odds of success.
  • Travel Scholarships: Rehab has been proven to be more effective when the patient is a long distance from home. Getting away from triggers and local surroundings has been shown to increase treatment success by over 127%… In some situations, we’re even able to help you out with travel arrangements. Honestly, many times the best rehab center that your insurance will pay for is not right around the corner. It is almost always advisable to go to the best treatment that you can as the doctors, facilities and staff are more experienced and successful at dealing with your specific needs.