Addiction Treatment Center Information

Over 23 million youth and adults have an addiction problem in the united states today. Approximately 10% will actually enter an addiction treatment program. Still yet, a small percentage of those are able to achieve permanent recovery. Successful treatment outcomes depend on a variety of factors surrounding the addict’s current scenario. You should also be aware that many treatment programs use outdated or unsubstantiated methods of treatment in addiction treatment center.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and needs treatment, finding the right help can be overwhelming, to say the least. Asking for help is hard enough much less sorting through the myriad of addiction treatment centers that are available.  Here at addiction watch.Com our placement specialists will explain the various treatment options and help you find the right program detox, aftercare programs, etc.

Our purpose is to educate you on addiction-related issues so you can make an informed decision about treatment options in your area or elsewhere. 

Finding An Addiction Treatment Center

Understanding addiction is the key to finding the right treatment program for your particular addiction (s) and the problems associated with it. We are proud to provide compassionate and knowledgeable assistance with the sole purpose of finding the right fit for your treatment needs. Whether you need drug rehab or treatment for alcoholism we can help. It’s all about finding the program that will handle not only the drug or alcohol dependence… but the underlying causes too. This increases the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

Sorting Through The Treatment Center Options

The substance abuse and mental health administration list over 7,000 treatment programs in the united states of one kind or another.  One would think with that many treatment resources out there finding dependable help wouldn’t be difficult. We can only wish that were the case. The sad fact is there are only a few treatment modalities to choose from. That and the fact there are tens of millions of addicts struggling with addiction makes the treatment services that are available limited, to say the least. We know the differences in types of treatment and will educate you on the best choice.

Kinds Of Treatment Available

Having thousands of treatment facilities does not mean there are several different kinds of addiction treatment services available. The truth is, there’s not. In actuality, there are less than ten different treatment modalities throughout the u.S. The majority of treatment centers employ a traditional form of services using the twelve steps, or aa. Other treatment options include dual-diagnosis, faith-based, cognitive therapy, or a combination therein. Knowing which one is best for you and your needs is something we can help with.

Another thing to consider is how long an alcohol or drug treatment program is needed. Whether to go, outpatient, inpatient, or residential. Without help, it’s hard to sift through the nearly 1700 short-term (30 days or less) drug rehab or addiction detox centers and 2300 long-term ( 90 days or longer) treatment facilities throughout the country. Getting it right the first time is so important. After all….You don’t want to have to do this again! There may not be another chance!