The Consequences of Drug Dependence

The Consequences of Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the greatest scourges of our day. This is because it is not only detrimental to the health of the drug addict but to other aspects of his life as well. If you or your loved one has started to experiment with drugs, don’t wait before it’s too late to get help. The consequences of drug abuse are devastating. If you don’t believe this, consider these symptoms of drug abuse:

Effects to Health and Well-Being

Let’s start with what continued drug use does to the addict’s body. Depending on the drug used, the addict could experience a wide range of health issues. Some of these can last only for the time that the person uses drugs while others continue for the long term. These illnesses can also be physical or psychological. Some of the diseases can be acquired not because of the drug itself but because of the consequences of drug abuse. For instance, HIV/AIDS can be acquired because when one engages in sex while high on drugs because the person becomes more aggressive and exhibits risky behavior such as not practicing safe sex. Sharing needles with someone is also another way of spreading this deadly disease. If the drug addict is not very lucky or uses different kinds of drugs or drinks and takes drugs, it is possible to go into a coma and die right there.

Putting oneself in situations that would lead to danger and death is also another consequence of drug use. Those who are addicted to drugs are nearer to vehicular accidents because they throw all caution to the winds. They often drive while sniffing the drug, sometimes at breakneck speeds. Research has also shown that drug addicts are more prone to committing suicide than those who are clean.

Effects to Relationships

People who are using drugs experience a lot of problems with their family members and friends. Fights with your spouse or among your children because of the drug use become more frequent which leads to a strained home atmosphere. Addicts often stay away from their real friends to hang out with their new friends who are engaged in the same addiction. More often than not, they reject genuine offers of help from their friends, causing them to be alienated from the people who really care about their welfare.

Effects to Work and Studies

The drug user is surely going to experience problems at school or work. Students may not be able to comply with assignments and fail tests because of their failure to review. Those who are already working may become absent from the office regularly, causing their performance to take a slide. If they were up for a promotion before they used drugs, that prospect is pretty much impossible to reach. Hopefully, the drug-dependent will seek a drug rehab program before things take a turn for the worse and he gets fired.

Effects to Finances

Drug addiction is a money pit. Drugs are expensive and because addiction is not a one-time event but a continuing matter, it will be a constant drain on one’s resources. It is not uncommon to see drug addicts borrowing money from relatives just to be able to keep on using drugs. Some resort to stealing from others to fund the addiction.

Legal Consequences

Drug addiction itself is illegal. Aside from this, the effects of drug addiction can cause you to do things that will run counter with the law. If you rob people just to have money to buy the drugs and get caught, you’ll have to face the consequences of drug abuse. If you drive and take drugs and cause an accident that injures other motorists, you are going to have to answer to the law for it. If your spouse leaves you because of your addiction, you are not only going to have to go through the legal process because of divorce but for child custody hearings as well.

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