Symptoms of People Addicted To Different Kinds of Drugs

Symptoms of People Addicted To Different Kinds of Drugs

A drug addict generally exhibits physical and psychological changes which include bloodshot eyes. Bursts of anger that are difficult to understand. However, it is also possible to identify the specific drugs legal or illegal which produce particular symptoms of drug abuse.

Glassy and red eyes are typical symptoms of marijuana users. They become loud talkers and laugh at inappropriate times and then get sleepy afterward. They exhibit weight gain or loss and are not motivated or interested in anything.

Heroin users, meanwhile, are quite different. Their pupils are contracted and don’t respond to light. They sweat, cough, sniffle, and vomit. Twitching and lack of appetite are also common. They have very unusual sleeping schedules and show needle marks on their skin.

Symptoms Of Drug Abuse

Users of Xanax, Valium, and other depressants also manifest contracted pupils. They act like they are drunk and have poor concentration and judgment. They are clumsy and sleepy and have slurred speech. Meanwhile, abusers of amphetamines, cocaine, crystal meth, and other stimulants have pupils that are dilated. They are hyperactive and euphoric. Like marijuana users, people talk too much and then get depressed.

  • They also sleep at weird times like heroin users.
  • Can survive for long periods of time without the need to sleep or eat.
  • Lose weight and upon closer inspection, abusers of stimulants have dry mouth and nose.

Those who use glues, vapors, aerosols, and other inhalants are easy to spot because their eyes are often watery. Their nose and mouth often have rashes and their nose has secretions. If you check their garbage bins, it is full of aerosols or cans. Their vision, memory, and thought are also impaired and they often appear intoxicated. They are sleepy a lot of times and complain of headaches and symptoms of nausea. They are irritable and have poor control of their muscles as well.

Users of LSD, PCP, and other hallucinogens manifest paranoia, hallucinations, and other forms of bizarre and irrational behavior.

  • Exhibit aggression and mood swings.
  • They have a world of their own and are detached from people.
  • Absorbed with themselves or with other objects.
  • They also showcase confusion and their speech is slurred.

When your loved one shows any of these symptoms of drug abuse, it’s important that you talk to him immediately. Bring him to a drug rehab program so that the right interventions can promptly be given.

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