Rehab Cost

Rehab costs vary depending on several factors:

  • Do I need Detox?
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient
  • Residential vs. PHP
  • Length of Treatment – 30, 60, 90 days
  • Aftercare – Sober Living, etc…
  • Geographic factors
  • Quality of facilities – Luxury Rehab, etc…

The other factor involved is whether you have private insurance or are a self-pay client.

If you have private insurance, like Blue Cross, then the costs can be significantly decreased – if you work with the right center. That is where Recovery Advisors comes in… We can verify your insurance coverage levels and then help match you up with a Rehab Facility that works with that insurance and that will allow you to have great treatment with very little out of pocket – in many cases nothing out of pocket. 

A caring Recovery Advisor will walk you through your options.

If you are a self-pay client, you can expect something in the range of $25k to $30k for 30 days of treatment up to around $60k for 90 days. Obviously these are ballpark numbers and you can spend quite a bit more if you attend high level luxury rehabs.

Lastly, if you have state insurance like Medi-Cal, medicaid or medicare… then you are not likely to find a private rehab that will work with your insurance. The government insurances like those are generally only accepted at state run facilities and hospitals.