Health Effects of Different Addictions

Health Effects Of Different Addictions

Habits are generally difficult to break. Yet when habits become addictions, drastic measures like addiction counseling have to be taken in order to curb the problem. If nothing is done to solve the problem, the victim may suffer the respective ill effects.

Drug Addiction

Normally, a drug addict will show signs of mental disorders like insomnia, excessive anxiety, lack of concentration, etc. In addition, the victim can become undernourished when under the influence of drugs since illegal substances can make one lose his appetite. Also, a person suffering from drug addiction will experience hypertension and, in worst cases, suffer from cardiac arrest.

Alcohol Addiction 

When a person is addicted to liquor, the organ which gets most affected by such abuse is the digestive system. First, the patient may develop alcoholic hepatitis-an inflammation of the liver. Over time, this will develop into cirrhosis and will reach a point when the liver stops functioning. Aside from this, alcohol addiction may lead to diabetes which is a very serious disease. Additionally, alcoholism causes high blood pressure and when the situation escalates, an individual will be at risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack.

Gambling Addiction 

Usually, compulsive gamblers suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and depression. This lack of mental stability makes them vulnerable and some may resort to becoming drug or alcohol dependents. Although the health implications of gambling addiction are not that prominent compared to the other cases, it becomes a grave situation when the patient pairs it up with other forms of addiction.

Thus, when you see somebody having any of these problems, do not hesitate to call upon the addiction counseling services provided by our website before it is too late.

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