Recovery Advisor Weekly roundup

Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – May 3rd Week

1. As Drugs Prey, People Pray for God’s Help in Overcoming Addiction  People struggling to overcome substance abuse often find that having a deep faith is an important step on the road to recovery, according to experts. ( 2. Oklahoma City Ranks Second In U.s. In Need For Addiction Counseling Oklahoma City ranked second nationwide

Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Nov 2 Week

1.Beyond Parody: Drug Addiction, Mental Health, and Poverty Are NOT Going to go Away Have you ever sat in silence for more than 5 minutes? You can hear cars driving by, the light hum of the refrigerator, or the heater or air conditioner kicking on.” ( 2.We can all do more to help veterans with trauma, addiction

What is detox treatment

A detox treatment comprises a period of time spent removing alcohol or drugs from the body. This is a necessary step in the treatment for drug and alcohol addictions, and typically medication is used to help make the process as safe and comfortable as possible. What is detox treatment? Detox treatment is most effective when
Symptoms of People Addicted To Different Kinds of Drugs

Symptoms of People Addicted To Different Kinds of Drugs

A drug addict generally exhibits physical and psychological changes which include bloodshot eyes. Bursts of anger that are difficult to understand. However, it is also possible to identify the specific drugs legal or illegal which produce particular symptoms of drug abuse. Glassy and red eyes are typical symptoms of marijuana users. They become loud talkers
The Consequences of Drug Dependence

The Consequences of Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is one of the greatest scourges of our day. This is because it is not only detrimental to the health of the drug addict but to other aspects of his life as well. If you or your loved one has started to experiment with drugs, don’t wait before it’s too late to get
How to Choose a Drug Rehab Program

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Program

If you or your loved one has become addicted to drugs, it’s important to get them to a treatment facility as soon as possible. The longer they are dependent on the substance, the harder it is going to be to wean them from drugs. Thus, bringing them to a drug rehab program should be given