Adrenal Glands Are Directly Affected By Stress

Adrenal Glands Are Directly Affected By Stress

Connection Between Adrenal Glands And Stress

Stress can undermine your health. The connection between stress and high vital signs, heart condition, and lots of digestive problems is well-established within the medical literature. Stress creates hormonal and blood glucose changes, causes the body to excrete nutrients, and adversely affects the system. The adrenal glands are directly suffering from stress. they’re liable for the “fight or flight” response. Hans Selye, MD, conducted some experiments creating stress in rats. The rats were made to tread water with their legs tied until they became exhausted and died. Dr. Selye took the rats at various stages of their ordeal and dissected out their adrenal glands.

He found that the adrenal glands experienced stress in three distinct stages. Within the initial stage, the adrenal glands enlarge, and therefore the blood supply to them increases. because the stress continues, the glands begin to shrink. Eventually, if the strain continues, the glands reach the third stage, which is adrenal exhaustion.

Stressful Situation

The adrenal glands produce their hormones in response to worry. they’re liable for the fight or flight response. During a stressful situation, they raise your vital sign, transfer blood from your intestines to your extremities, increase your pulse, suppress your system, and increase your blood’s clotting ability. In this stage you are not abuse substance incase if you have any symptoms of drug abuse then visit rehab

This response is supposed to be short-lived. When the primitive man walked through the forest, he’d see a wild animal. His pulse would increase, his pupils would dilate, his blood would leave his gastrointestinal system and into his arms and legs, his blood coagulation ability would improve, he would become more aware and his vital sign would rise. At that time, he’d either devour a stick and check out to fight the animal or run. The physiological changes brought on by the adrenal glands would make the body more efficient at doing either of these things. It’s called the fight or flight response.

Recovery – Adrenal Glands And Stress

If he survived the ordeal, the likelihood is that it might be a short time before such a strain was placed on the adrenal glands and therefore the remainder of his body. He would have a chance to relax, eat nuts and berries (and a touch of meat from the wild animal, if he was lucky.) His adrenal glands would have an opportunity to recover.

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